EQcorrscan: Detection and analysis of repeating and near-repeating seismicity

These pages make up the general documentation of the EQcorrscan project, the full API can be found here.

This project is an open-source, Python project for the detection and analysis of repeating and near-repeating earthquakes. To do this it requires either data from a single, or a network of, seimographs.

The codes are hosted on github, with the latest release also available on pypi.

This project is under development, although the core routines are relatively stable.

You can find more details about the project on the About page, and details on how to install and update on the Installation page.

If you use the EQcorrscan package in your work please cite the following paper:
Chamberlain, C. J., Hopp, C. J., Boese, C. M., Warren-Smith, E., Chambers, D., Chu, S. X., Michailos, K., Townend, J., EQcorrscan: Repeating and near-repeating earthquake detection and analysis in Python. Seismological Research Letters, Accepted 2017

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